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Swing Issues Media, LLC — our mission is to engage and inform our audience on the major issues effecting not only our country, but the world – what we call Swing Issues. We believe that an informed population is best served to make good decisions to carry our country, and the world, into the future. All of our content aims to be factually accurate and to work as a starting point for our audience to further engage in the topics we discuss here. Hopefully, it will serve as the launching pad for future learning and active citizenship.

our home

Each episode of Swing Issues is filmed at The Knockdown Center in Queens, New York. Over the past 100 years, the 50,000 square foot building has operated as a glass factory and later, a door manufacturing company. Today KDC functions as a multi-use art center and performance space. Because of its unique architectural structure and history, The Knockdown Center has been able to play host to a range of events and exhibitions that demonstrate a sensitive reactivity to site and environment, such as Carnegie Hall’s off-site reimagining of ‘West Side Story’ in 2016, and the acclaimed Nasty Women Exhibition in January 2017.

our content

The opinions expressed by our guests are their own and we do our best to provide you with neutral and factual information, more of which you can find on our Tire Swing page. However, we do recognize that there are times when information is not always impartial. The video content found on our website is solely our own and cannot be distributed by a third party without our written consent. For more information, please see our Legal Notice and our Terms of Use policy.

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